Nia dancing for Rhinos

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Wednesday, 8th December 2021

Have you heard about Nia dancing also known as Dancing Yoga as some call it? Well it is one of the activities in Makhanda that has almost everyone excited. We recently chatted to a local Nia dancing sensation, Liz Campbell who said this fun dance technique is not only to re-energize the body but the proceeds go towards the save rhino campaign.

"Nia stands for Non-Impact Aerobics, or Neuromuscular Integrated Activity. It combines martial arts, healing arts and dance arts in a very accessible way. I call it dancing yoga!" Campbell said.

She added: “We are now dancing for rhinos, raising money to donate towards a group of people who work tirelessly to intervene in the ongoing devastating and dark world of rhino poaching.”

No prior experience is necessary - simple moves/ sequences are facilitated/ guided, using Nia technique. It’s best suited for adults, though children sometimes come with their parents.

Suggested cost is between R80 and 100 a session. First timers are welcome at no cost. If money is an issue, don’t let it stop you, join the party all the same. After basic costs are covered, the money goes to the save rhino campaign.

When: Wednesdays between 5 and 6pm

Where: Grahamstown bowling club hall, Makhanda

What to wear? Wear loose, comfy clothes and dancing is done bare feet.

For more details, contact Liz Campbell: