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Tuesday, 12th October 2021

As the world celebrates Old Farmer’s Day annually on 12 October to observe old farmers and their farming techniques, we have becoming more and more aware of the importance of producing self-sufficient and sustainable food using renewable energy and reduced water.

Home Grown Practical Aquaponics Group is making that journey to a sustainable life a little bit easier with its fascinating work in natural food production. The technology that Practical Aquaponics utilises makes it possible for everyone to access natural and chemical free food.

The Practical Aquaponics Centre, which is based in the historical and quaint village of Salem, also offers small group in-person training sessions in a variety of topics for individuals and businesses in sustainable food production. The training sessions showcase the Centre’s proven systems in Modular Aquaponics including appropriate systems design, practical construction, economics and potential ROI of their Modular systems, water quality and routine maintenance, to mention but a few of the topics.

The Practical Aquaponics Centre additionally sells and delivers fresh greens (grown at the Centre) to residents of the Makana region and hosts a monthly farmer's market in Salem featuring fresh farm produce and artisan products!

Here are some highlights in photographs from the Aquaponics Centre as well view of an aquaponics modular system and what kind of greens it produces. The system kits are available for purchase but require training. Also, these rainbow trout are what drives aquaponics systems. The system only utilises organic waste products from the fish in a closed-loop recirculating hydrosystem, using very little energy and almost no labour (compared to alternative systems) to grow food naturally. The end product are delicious and fresh greens such as celery, spring onions, lettuce, and kale.

For enquiries, you can contact Martin Fick from the Home Grown Practical Aquaponics Group on:

Cellphone: 083 278 4201



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