Veganism has got serious

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Tuesday, 25th January 2022

“Veganism has got serious. Not only are new vegan foods now available in shops, but dedicated menus and teas are popping up in unexpected places and luxury restaurants,” writes Adele Shevel of Financial Mail. 

Makhanda is no different, as it has several resturants that over a large variety of vegan foods. One of those restaurants is Red Café. It may have an all-inclusive menu but it is well known for its gorgeous vegan food.

Vegans can choose from their many dishes such as butternut and chick pea enchiladas or their famous spinach leaf wrap which has humus and crushed cashews, says owner Louise Boy.

Boy said customers who enjoy ordering vegan food used to be mostly women but now as the demand for plant-based food is rising, men have also joined the vegan ranks.

Boy added: "More and more people are starting to eat less meat... They are opting for vegan options because they want to be healthier. They see the benefits it brings for one’s health." Boy said that she was informed by one of her customers that sportsmen who eat plant based diet recover quicker from injuries as they have less animal protein in their system and also because plant-based diet has antioxidants, and therefore your body can heal and recover faster from a hard session.

And further, many people take up veganism as an ethical way of living, said Boy. For example, some people don’t eat meat because they don’t support bad practises against animals or do not eat honey because of the exploitation of the bees.

Red Café is located on the picturesque High Street in Makhanda and offers an all-inclusive menu and flexible enough to cater to all your diet requirements. Boy describes Red Cafe as an “awesome, chilled and quaint coffee shop where customers become friends and always feel as if they are at their home away from home”. Stay up to date with Red Café’s daily specials here.

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