World Tripe Day. Enjoy!

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Monday, 24th October 2022

Blog by Sinoxolo Duda


Most people wouldn’t dare come close to trying out tripe, while most appreciate this traditional classic, so much that popular online food apps such as Mr. Delivery have got it as a top meal to try out and enjoy.

I am Xhosa by birth. I was born and bred in Makhanda. When I grew up, I used to visit my grandparents at Carlisle Bridge. That is where I was first introduced to tripe because my grandfather would come home with it and my grandmother, who is a great cook by the way, would turn this unsightly cut of meat that comes from the stomach lining of farm animals, into a divine dish.

Due to family traditional practices, I attend traditional ceremonies a lot. If it is a ceremony where a goat or cow is slaughtered, most people will want the tripe because they love this type of meat.

Even though tripe is known to the world, it has a special place in the South African traditional landscape and has woven itself into our cultural heritage. We are very happy that its value has not decreased. You know, sometimes other dishes that have been loved for generations get forgotten over time, but tripe remains an integral part of most South African homes.

I spoke to my colleagues, Michael Slumko and Sanette Steyn, to see how they felt about this type of meat.

Sanette, who grew up in Zimbabwe, said she does not like tripe at all. "I don’t like binne goed and also don’t enjoy meat a lot," she said. Michael, from Housing Port farm near Makhanda, said he grew up eating tripe and still enjoys it today. "Whenever I crave tripe, and it's often, I go and buy it from my regular place in town.

Local eateries also testified to the popularity of tripe. I visited Cindy’s Kitchen and Zimmy’s Kitchen, which are both women-owned.

Zimmy Mahlala of Zimmy’s Kithchen said tripe is a rare meat that is hard to find because of its high demand. "Tripe is unique and flavoursome, so after you eat it, you can actually feel that you are satisfied. Tripe is also profitable because it is loved by people," she said, adding, "People must give Zimmy’s Kitchen a call because we clean the tripe thoroughly before it is cooked. I also use my own recipe and spices, so it is a guaranteed tasty dish. Try it out!"

Cindy Makalima of Cindy’s Kitchen said that the target market for tripe was mostly Xhosa people and other tribes. "People love the taste of tripe and love to buy it on cold days because it’s their comfort food," Cindy added. She also agreed with Zimmy that tripe was indeed a profitable dish. For those who don’t like it she said, "Please try it because it is tasty and goes well with other dishes like pap, steamed bread, and dombolo.".

Well, there it is! This is definitely an indication that it is a plus for some people and not so much for others. If you enjoy this type of meat or want to add it to your bucket list of local cuisines, you must visit these five local eateries situated in Makhanda:

Cindy’s African Restaurant

6 Bathurst Street

083036204788/ 0720740 3647


MU2 Kitchen

7 Bertram

073 812 6231


Zimmy’s Kitchen

447 Ext 6

073 713 3175



Opposite Kwa Jackie

063 330 4482



Next to Bluetooth


You can also find tripe and many other traditional dishes at the Creative City Craft Market taking place on 05 November 2022 at the Church Square in Makhanda. Mark your interest to attend here

Photographs courtesy of Zimmy Developments that among other ventures oversees Zimmy's Kitchen. You can contact Zimmy Developments on 073 494 3963/073 713 3175 or and on Facebook: @ZimmyDevelopments

The blogger, Sinoxolo Duda is a Tourism & Hospitality Management student with a passion for travelling and experiencing new adventures.