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Monday, 15th February 2016

Scifest Africa, South Africa’s National Science Festival, will take place in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape from 2-8 March 2016. This year the festival has some thought provoking, and even risqué events for a more adult audience. Don’t let anyone tell you that Scifest Africa is just for children!

As the dust settles after a busy day at Scifest Africa, unwind with good food, good wine and good company at a local restaurant in A conversation with...  at Saint’s Bistro. Learn about the secret lives of our high-profile scientists over dinner in this new event format. A conversation with… will take place on 2 March at 20h00 at Saint’s Bistro.

If you prefer a more vibey affair, then Pub Science is for you! Grab a pint, meet our Scifest Africa 2016 contributors and talk to them about their work, watch as they do science using only what they can find in the pub, and later (much later), tell them your crazy idea to save the world! A must for the over 18s, and besides, one always needs an excuse to go to The Rat and Parrot on a Monday night. Join us for a fun night on Monday, 7 March.

From restaurants and pubs to a Murder at the Museum, the content for adults is varied at this year’s festival. In Murder at the Museum, you will need to have your wits about you and an inquisitive mind as a formal dinner party turns into murder most foul. Come on, you know you want to!

To really make those brain cells work, join as at our Science Café. This is a global initiative which brings the public together with scientists and experts around science topics that are interesting, timely and often controversial. For individuals with an inquiring mind, these sessions are bound to unravel into lively conversation, laughter and heated debate. Talk about the chemistry of coffee and explore the notion “Is the Universe Unconscious?”. The Science Café will be hosted by local personalities Tony Lankester and Jane Morgan and will take place at 17h00 on 3 and 7 March respectively.

If you are a fan of game shows or our local quiz night, then perhaps you should try your hand at Revenge of the Smarty Pants for Scifest Africa’s very own battle of the brains at 20h00 on 6 March at The Highlander. Locals are invited to enter teams in a general knowledge challenge with a difference and show our visiting geniuses a thing or two.

Our revered lecture series will also be a draw card at this year’s festival. Specific adult content includes a lecture on the science of human attraction, dating and mating and how our attraction to one another changes the longer we know one another. This lecture will be presented by Lucy Hunt, University of Texas at 18h30 on 2 March at 18h30 at the Olive Schreiner Hall at the Monument.

For those that prefer a more hands on approach we have various workshops geared at learners as well as adults. From making your very own jellyfish out of recycled materials to trying your hand at 19th Century Printing, there is sure to be something to get your creative juices flowing. If you are still a child at heart then perhaps the Micro-Rockets workshop is for you! For the more discerning mind take part in The Exoplanet Travel Bureau with NASA Visual Strategist, Dan Goods. Here you will need a vivid imagination as you develop a series of posters to help travellers pick an exotic planet for their next vacation destination.

Scifest Africa is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology. Lookout for the electronic programme available at and Bookings are open on 0860 002 004 or

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