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Friday, 1st September 2017

Have you noticed how quickly our tourism industry is being disrupted?

As part of that, our visitors are now much more connected and are finding their holiday destinations through social media posts and ratings on sites such as TripAdvisor. They trust these postings more than our websites and promotional materials, so we need to learn the secrets behind success in this area.

Your role as a tourism product has never been more important!

Why? Because the reality is that the experiences delivered by you and your fellow tourism products are now the most important influencers in attracting new tourists to our country, its destinations and you. So, I have created the Local Product Blueprint to provide a guide for you to succeed in getting awesome social media posts and referrals posted about your tourism business and your destination.

I would truly like to help you to boost your results and to turn your visitors into your influential promoters. What’s even better is that this input to you is FREE.

The information and learnings in the Blueprint are brand new and will be extremely valuable to you. So take advantage of this opportunity and click here to get the free weekly blogs and regular toolkits.

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As The Tourism Coach, I am realising my dream of partnering with you and your colleagues across the country in making an impact on our neglected local level of tourism. The latest tourism trends have made this a top priority. I have studied these trends and their implications for tourism deeply.

Now I want to share my insights with you and would love to be part of enhancing your efforts and successes, at no cost to you.

I will also be sending out regular free toolkits that will guide you in topics such as new tourism marketing strategies for tourism products, creating an authentic service culture, launching effective events and festivals in your destination, raising sponsorships and many other subjects. The first toolkit on breakthrough Tourism Marketing Ideas in the new tourism reality is waiting for you!

I believe that you and your fellow tourism products are our Tourism Superheroes of the future. So, let's get this Tourism Superheroes Tribe going! All I need from you at this stage is to click here in order to confirm that you would like to receive the free blogs and toolkits. No hidden agendas, I just want to partner with you in transforming your tourism experiences and exploding your effectiveness.

So have a great week, Superhero!

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Your partner in creating revolutionary tourism experiences!

Shaun Van Eck, The Tourism Coach