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Friday, 24th February 2017

Tourism is one of the few sectors that can create jobs and is inclusive of communities especially when we look at cultural and heritage tourism.

Makana Tourism is keen to invite stakeholders to participate in a process which aims to:

a)      Identify individual projects in and around Grahamstown East; and

b)      Determine how to package these projects for tourists and visitors who are interested in experiencing our culture at its best.

This process is not meant to dilute the existing initiatives already in place such as Fingo Festival or Kwam eMakana but to use them as a base for township tourism development and ultimately, community building.

It is hoped that eKasi Tourism would become a route or a series of themed routes with an activity or several activities in each extension. For example, everyone knows the tours around Soweto which allow visitors to experience its rich political history and trendsetting culture. Alexandra Township in Johannesburg recently launched their ‘Cocktails and Culinary Delicacies in Alex’. This 4-hour tour takes guests on a journey of Alexandra through food and is provided every Friday to Sunday. There is no reason why iRhini cannot produce a similar or better concept.

If you are interested in being part of setting up an eKasi Tourism Route eRhini please contact Makana Tourism on 046 622 3241.

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