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Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Makana Tourism is set to take the world through a virtual tour of Makana’s rich cultural history, breath-taking landscapes and extraordinary wildlife at Eastern Cape’s first 3D and interactive virtual expo.

The Eastern Cape Virtual Expo, a first for the Province, is sponsored by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency (ECPTA) as a COVID business relief measure. The initiative is supported by the Border Kei Chamber of Business and Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

The virtual platform will provide visitors with a game-like expo experience that will include four massive expo halls, one hall dedicated to Leisure and Tourism in the Eastern Cape, a business seminar and 3D, sensory experiences such as wine –tasting, a coffee bar and an entertainment stage for musicians and comedians!

Makana Tourism Director, Sue Waugh says this is an interesting opportunity for the regional tourism sector.

“As Makana Tourism we are certainly excited to be taking part in this virtual tradeshow that offers a unique experience. It will provide our tourism members with a competitive edge during this COVID-19 period where they can use the platform to exhibit to a global audience while attracting new tourists to the region.

“I encourage everyone to come and knock on our virtual door, and take this adventure with us!” Waugh added.

ECPTA is expecting thousands of visitors from South Africa and countries overseas such as the UK and Germany. Visitors can access the show for free on 23 and 24 July by downloading an application on the website:

Claim your free ticket to the Expo by following the below instructions:

1. Go to site

2. Click on "Register Now" button

3. Enter your details and click on "Register".  (remember these details)

4. Click on "Download App" button   

5. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the downloaded zip file and double click "Vertex HUB Installer.exe".

6. Follow the instructions on the installer and complete the installation process.

7. An icon to launch the app will be created on your desktop called "Vertex HUB". Double click this to open the App.

8. Once started, the app will run an auto-update, after which it will show the login screen. 

9. On the login screen, enter the user credentials (email and password) you used to register on the vertex-hub site. (as per step 3)

10. You will now enter the Eastern Cape Virtual Expo - powered by Algoa FM

You can also pre-register to access the show. CLICK HERE

Get on board and take the adventure with us! See you then.

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