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Friday, 6th September 2013

MobiSAM is a new mobile application that connects Grahamstown residents to Makana Municipality in order to facilitate communication, transparency and accountability between residents and local government.


The idea and the technology were developed by two local citizens who saw the need for improvement in the basic services (water, electricity, roads, sanitation) that Makana provides and came up with a positive solution that is both easy and effective. To report on the supply and quality of the water in your home or business, simply go to on your cell phone or computer to register as a user.


Makana staff have completed their MobiSAM training and are now able to monitor reports, collect data, investigate trends and provide helpful feedback to residents. Registered users will be informed and prepared by receiving SMS updates from Makana Municipality on scheduled and unscheduled outages and other news related to the provision of basic services.


For further information or help, visit our Facebook page (, email us at or visit our website