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Thursday, 28th February 2013

The festival’s 2013 theme, “Science on the move!” supports the attempt by the Bloodhound Project, UK, to break the World Land Speed Record on Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape from December 2013. The programme will explore a range of sub themes, including transport infrastructure, different modes of transport, engine, vehicle and tyre design, exploration, SKA, space sciences, astronomy, the human body in motion…literally anything and everything that moves!

Supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and in association with the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), and the National Research Foundation (NRF); Scifest Africa is the largest science festival in sub-Saharan Africa. This year will mark 17 years of an event that has truly become a leader in the development of cutting - edge science communication and engagement.

The high-profile lecture series sets the tone of the programme, and will host some of South Africa’s and the world’s greatest minds, who will imprint on audiences long after the closing ceremony.

The popular array of workshops, offers visitors hands-on opportunities to explore different concepts, such as the methods used in the making of the mysterious Japanese art Gyotaku to the ancient ways of jewellery making in blingaliscious. Other programme items include a Soap box derby, talkshops, science shows, quizzes, exhibitions, science Olympics, field trips, murder mysteries and wine tasting.

All these will be offered alongside new events such as the card board challenge, exploring the New Horizons project, which has been on an ongoing mission to Pluto for the past six years. The international competition Famelab, UK, dubbed the Pop idols for scientists, will debut the South African winner at Scifest Africa. In the 2013 International Year of Water Co-operation, a special additional venue called Water World will be hosted by the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). The wonders of Water World will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the Coelacanth on South African shores! City on the move calls on the locals to be part of the movement and bring their prams, strollers, skate boards, bicycles and anything that moves, and join the colourful parade extravaganza!

‘’We are very excited about the incredible scope of this year’s programme. We have really pushed the boundaries to unveil a multidimensional programme in our continued endeavor to inspire our public, and help pave the way for our future scientists”, says Scifest Africa Director, Anja Fourie.

The official opening ceremony lecture on 14 March will be delivered by Professor Jim Gates, a member of the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to President Obama. He is known extensively for the work he has contributed to the string theory that leads the theory of everything, and may one day form the basis of technologies that we have yet to fathom or imagine!

Be part of the movement! Hurry and book your tickets before events are sold out! Download your electronic programme online at and contact 046 603 1106 for bookings.

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