Makhanda’s Significant Architecture

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Wednesday, 1st February 2023

Makhanda’s rich history is illustrated through its old buildings, and it is these historic sites that attract visitors to the Makana region.

The owner of Wylie’s Farm, Gill Wylie, stated that she recently had guests that came all the way from the United States of America just to appreciate the historic architecture of Makhanda.

"I asked my guest why she would choose Makhanda as a destination for a holiday. The guest replied: When I went to a travel agent and asked for a small town in South Africa with beautiful architecture, Makhanda was the first city to be recommended. This recommendation means Makhanda is internationally known for having captivating architecture, which is something we can be proud of as residents of Makhanda," said Mrs. Wylie.

Our amazing historic buildings are the treasures of Makhanda. We, therefore, need to be proud and take care of these buildings, as they contribute to the economy of Makhanda by attracting tourists. Makhanda is a unique city with so much to offer that we need to take pride in our city. We might have a lot of challenges, but it is not all doom and gloom when we have these shining beacons.

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