The Journey Back to 100 year old grave yards at Salem Church (part 2)

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Tuesday, 7th December 2021

Join local blogger, Sanette Steyn in a second instalment of her exploration of the Makana region’s historical burial grounds.

As I wondered through the Salem Methodist Church cemetery the other day, I photographed some tombstones which included the surnames: Penny, Wright and Edwards. They got me onto an investigative trail. I found myself wondering what made them leave everything they knew behind and brave the sea, crossing to come to an unknown and dangerous land.

Check out my journey through these photographs I took. The quality is unfortunately not great, partly because of the very bright sunlight, but also because the graves are very close together making access difficult.

Image 1:


Charles Penny, 1820 Settler born: 1 Sep 1786 Margaretting, Essex, England died: 12 Jun 1870 Mount Pleasant farm, Salem, Eastern Cape, South Africa: British 1820.

Image 2:


John Cecil Wright, 1820 Settler born: 1795 Cheshire, England died: 8 Nov 1847 Salem, Eastern Cape, South Africa: British 1820 Settlers to South Africa.

1820 Settler: 16 Mar 1820

Person ID: I16146

Settler ID: 851

Apparently he was a coach painter… a unique occupation I am sure in Africa.

The inscription reads: To the memory of John Cecil Wright killed by lightning at Salem on 8 November 1847.

He arrived in the 1820 Settlers Ship - Sir George Osborn, Party: Gardner.

Image 3:


John Edwards born 17 Jun 1804 Bridford, Devonshire, England; died 11 Nov 1887 Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa: British 1820 Settlers to South Africa. 

My bit of research indicated he was a Reverend.

His first wife was Sarah Tucker born 1806, died 25 Nov 1871.

The wife mentioned on the tombstone is Jane Elizabeth born 30 April 1814, died 25 Nov 1871, Salem, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

He married again, a Caroline Flooks.

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