Coping with Covid: The Sun is Still Shining

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Saturday, 31st October 2020

October is Mental Health Awareness month. Organisational Psychologist, Sharon Munyaka helps us get back on track by sharing some tips for a healthy mindset.

"The way things are looking now, we are challenged to think of tomorrow in a better way. But we always have a choice, said Munyaka. "Fear comes when we don't have a choice or are cornered."

"Take each day and think about what you can do differently. Speak to other people to get your mind set changed,” Munyaka added. She was talking at a recent Staying in Business online event supported by Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency.

 Even though the Covid-19 pandemic confines us to operate in our own spaces, Munyaka said it was important for people not to be isolated especially when trying to revive a business in distress. She urged people to move around, reach out and test friendship networks, and think of other possibilities to create new audiences and new streams of income.

She also lamented that having a different mindset was key to progress. Ask yourself, “What is the gift of Covid. Maybe Covid has given me a chance to ask myself what else can I do and offer” Munyaka said.

“To do that you need to take time and catch your breath.” She gave an analogy of an emergency oxygen mask that drops down infront of you when a plane experiences severe turbulence. Take that mask. Breathe into it." Just breathe. The world wont end. Seasons are continuing. This shows that in life there will be transitions." Munyaka said, adding:

"Therefore, waking up everyday takes courage. Courage is willing to try again... and give the best version of yourself.” 

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