Ooh! Easter Eggs! Chocolate Feast!

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Wednesday, 23rd March 2016

Our family has decided to make this an Easter to remember. Christmas seems like a long time ago, Human Rights Day was prior to pay day for most of us and we did not feel that there was a great deal to celebrate anyway. Since the kids are on holiday, we decided that we would be extremely festive over Easter 2016.

So we made a plan. This was an extremely lively, argumentative affair as a variety of needs and preferences need to be taken into account.  

This family is not actually a traditional nuclear family. We are a small circle of ten close friends - six adults, one teenager and three children. We are multi-lingual and multi-ethnic. We are of differing faiths and spiritual persuasions. We eat different food. Three vegetarians, seven omnivores with some committed meat eaters. Six of us enjoy imbibing wine, beer and the like, the children and one adult do not drink alcohol. Agewise, we range from an intensely energetic two year old to a not so energetic sixty year old. Four of us smoke, six of us do not. We live in different areas of Grahamstown. Also the city is situated where there is a convergence of four climatic zones and our changeable weather is legendary. Complex logistics and no Easter Planner!

What we definitely all have in common is our love and enjoyment of one another, that we adore partying and are all chocoholics. Eventually we reached consensus.

So:  it’s afternoon tea on Good Friday. Short, sweet and over before sunset. We will eat buttered hot cross buns and drink chocolate. Milkshakes if it’s very hot or cream topped cocoa if cool, either laced with brandy for alcohol drinkers. Eighteen year old teenager is allowed the latter!

We’ll congregate again, circa noon, on Easter Sunday; everyone will hunt for Easter eggs either in the garden, or indoors if it’s raining.

The meal will be a seated affair, starting with crumbed mushrooms and homemade mayonnaise, followed by chicken a la king, mashed potatoes, a plethora of roasted vegetables with sour cream. Pudding is the ubiquitous vanilla ice cream and yours truly’s ultimate hot chocolate sauce. We will finish off with coffee and chocolate peppermint creams. No offence, but it is a relief not to have to accommodate vegans! With coffee, smoking at the table will be permitted, thereafter in the smoking room or garden. Our teenager is designated DJ of selected music - an eclectic mix of everyone’s favourites, including our toddler’s nursery rhymes. Atheist and agnostics are comfortable with grace being said.

We have budgeted, all food expenses are shared, likewise catering and we are meeting at the same home because it’s convenient for pedestrians and taxi commuters to reach. Also the living room has a large all purpose table and enough chairs to seat everyone. Those who have not cooked will wash

Love, laughter, food, music, lotsa chocolates. Planning and anticipation is all!


By KJ Guteridge

Photo: courtesy www.tess.com

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